VINO SPUMANTE DI QUALITA' – Pas Dosé – CLASSIC METHOD LABEL – Millesimato 2014 - Dég. January 2019

Grape variety Pinot 100% – From Red Bunches

Age of vines 12 years old

Vineyard aspects East & West facing

Vine cultivation system Guyot

Yield per hectare 50 - 60 q

Harvest period August

Grape provenance 100% Single Estate wine

Notes -

Average annual quantity 3.000 (0,75 l)

Aging In the bottle for 44 months

Dati tecnici Acidity: 7.30 gr/l - Non-reducing extract: 18.67 gr/l

Evolutionary peak from -

Vineyard name Romain (Terraced hillsides)

Vineyard altitude130 m a.s.l.

Soil composition Marl and sandstone flysch of Eocene origin ("ponca")

Vine density per hectare 5.500 vines per ha

Grape yield per plant Approx. 1.5 Kg.

Harvesting Manual

Pest control -

Wine style Sparkling Rosé Pas Dosé (Brut Nature / Brut Zéro Dosage)

Vinification Stainless Steel.

Alcohol content 12% alc. by vol.

Serving temperature 12° C

Cellar Longevity -

Sensory profile An effervescent tide of delicate mousse captures the eye, followed by a crown that opens with majestic, measured rhythm, nourished by luminous filaments of gold, then radiates a velvety softness that yearns to enfold the taster. Hints of rose petals and a coppery opalescence conjure up tropical twilights, while interleaving spring flowers traced on the foaming surface presage the imminent multi-sensory springtime. And bloom it does, with high-toned notes of plum and cherry preserves, counterpointed by fresh-picked fig and smooth almond over a background of sponge cake, hazelnut, and roasted espresso bean. The symphony continues, with alternating largo and allegro movements, where some will savour vanilla sugar and amaretto, others apple pie and baked pear. On entry in the mouth, the music turns vivace, for a grand finale of silky depth and palatal percussion that bolsters a sonorous explosion of earthy minerality and juicy, ultra-crisp fruit. A subtle motif of toastiness accompanies this sensory score as it subsides harmoniously into a placid, gentle conclusion. The quintessence of elegance and depth, this Pas Dosé evinces significant longevity and maturation still on the horizon.

Pairings Another classic method, perfect as aperitivo or with an entire meal, with filled pasta, oven-baked dishes, shellfish and pizza.

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