Grape variety PIGNOLO 100% (Native Variety)

Age of vines 20 years old

Vineyard aspects West & South-East facing

Vine cultivation system Guyot

Yield per hectare 40 q

Harvest period September

Grape provenance 100% Single Estate wine

Notes Evolutionary Wine. The production is available in the best vintages only. 1Kg of grapes will yield circa 0.5 l of wine.

Average annual quantity 1.900 (0,75l), 300 (1,5l)

Aging In French oak barrels for 36 months

Dati tecnici Acidity: 5.70 gr/l - Non reducing extract: 35.60 gr/l

Evolutionary peak from Approx. 13 - 15 years after the harvest

Vineyard name Conte Romano (Terraced Hillside)

Vineyard altitude180 m a.s.l.

Soil composition Marl and sandstone flysch of Eocene origin ("ponca")

Vine density per hectare 6.000 vines per ha

Grape yield per plant Approx. 0.7 Kg.

Harvesting Manual – In small crates (2 kg)

Pest control -

Wine style Dry Red from naturally dried grapes

Vinification Grapes naturally dry off the vine in small crates to enhance flavours and aromas prior to fermentation (Approx. 4 weeks).

Alcohol content 15.5% alc. by vol.

Serving temperature 16° C

Cellar Longevity Approx. 25 years after the harvest

Sensory profile One’s gaze is captured by this wine’s dense, brocade-like weave and the supple fluidity of an extract-rich, liquorous nectare. Vibrant and luminous, it alternately suggests the joyous warmth of a ruby and the brooding depth of the garnet, while its frank transparency conjures up the patent generosity of an open pomegranate, with all the sensory promises it implies. Its aromatic presentation guides the taster, by the hand in the dark, as it were, on a journey of gradual discovery, wafting through an incense- and toastiness-laden vestibule, by a bazaar of rich spices, a market stall offering sun-dried fruits, and a liqueur shop, finally arriving intoxicatingly rapt in an etherous sphere, at one with the wine’s divine breath. After a few moments of breathing, the wine offers its floral component, with Janus-like presentation of both sweet and dry, while the fruit expresses a Protean evolution through compotes and caramelisations. Complex and elegant, the palate plays an elegant counterpoint to the impressions experienced to this point. The wine, smooth as shot silk, caresses the lips, then crisp, energy-infused fruit leaves long-lingering sensations as it traverses the initial taste buds and tongue as the wine, dense yet pleasantly peppery, makes its way to the throat. Throughout its breadth and length, it exhibits essences of the sweet and the spiritous in an interpenetrating duet. The tannin on the finish seals and crowns the dry, clean-edged harmony of a panoply of beautifully-melded elements.

Pairings Partners for this wine should be likewise complex, full-bodied, generous, and, finally, display equally well-melded components. Elegantly aromatic meats and cheeses, as well as braises, filets, and boiled meats, liver, and Castelmagno, Bitti, and Frant cheeses.

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