Grape variety CABERNET FRANC 100%

Age of vines About 26 years old

Vineyard aspects East & West facing

Vine cultivation system Cappuccina-Guyot

Yield per hectare 70 - 80 q

Harvest period Late September / October

Grape provenance 100% Single Estate wine

Notes .

Average annual quantity 18.000 (0,75 l)

Aging In Inox for 12-24 months

Dati tecnici Acidity: 4.90 gr/l - Non-reducing extract: 28.40 gr/l

Evolutionary peak from Approx. 5 years after the harvest

Vineyard name Romain (Terraced Hillside), Braida (Downstream)

Vineyard altitude130 / 60 m a.s.l.

Soil composition Marl and sandstone flysch of Eocene origin ("ponca")

Vine density per hectare 4.500 - 5.500 vines per ha

Grape yield per plant Approx. 1.5 Kg.

Harvesting Manual

Pest control -

Wine style Dry Red

Vinification Maceration at controlled temperature for 10 days. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

Alcohol content 12.5% alc. by vol.

Serving temperature 16° C

Cellar Longevity Approx. 10 years after the harvest

Sensory profile The wine greets the eye with a luminous, energy-laden purple. The nose opens to red fruits and spices, such as cassis, wild strawberry and syrupped blueberries, alongside clove and Madagascar pepper, which are unfolded in turn by warm, appealing impressions of smooth pipe tobacco and tree-wood, such as eucalyptus as cedar, all lifted by subtle hints of blossoms. This expansive aromatic complex is an inviting prelude to immediate enjoyment. The first sip reveals its hallmarks of rich depth and superb balance, with the four primary components in an animated equilibrium among themselves. A delicate vein of earthy mineral lingers on into a finish marked by a hint of tangy wild red berry.

Pairings The wine’s interplay of bouquet and palate and appreciable weight makes it a fine partner to game birds in aromatic sauces, and to mature cheeses in vegetarian preparations. It is superb with Italian pancetta and with barbecued and grilled pork and lighter meats.

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