Grape variety BLEND / International Vines – Pinot Family

Age of vines About 30 years old

Vineyard aspects East & West facing / South

Vine cultivation system Cappuccina-Guyot

Yield per hectare 70 q

Harvest period August

Grape provenance 100% Single Estate wine

Notes Dégorgement January 2019

Average annual quantity 3.600 (0,75 l), 200 (1,50 )

Aging In the bottle for 32 months

Dati tecnici Acidity: 6.50 gr/l - Non-reducing extract: 17.56 gr/l

Evolutionary peak from -

Vineyard name Romain (Terraced hillsides)

Vineyard altitude130 m a.s.l.

Soil composition Marl and sandstone flysch of Eocene origin ("ponca")

Vine density per hectare 5.200 vines per ha

Grape yield per plant Approx. 1.5 Kg.

Harvesting Manual

Pest control -

Wine style Sparkling Pas Dosé (Brut Nature / Brut Zéro Dosage)

Vinification Stainless Steel.

Alcohol content 12% alc. by vol.

Serving temperature 12° C

Cellar Longevity -

Sensory profile An energy-charged, exuberant thrust of foam yields to the regal length of a crenelated crown of creamy mousse seamlessly nourished by the delicate bead of pin-point bubbles. This enchanting visual march is the prelude to an initial aromatic impact, all of whose components are on gorgeous display, much like an impressionist painting whose overall character and intensity are captured at first glance. Even while the corona holds, scintillating sensory sparks convey the force of well-ripened fruit, the elegant artistry of yeast, the sturdy structure of dried fruit, the gentle smoothness of spring blossoms, and the natural grace of stone fruits. An attentive perception of vanilla and oak-kissed yeastiness will heighten impressions of ripe peach, pineapple, apple, and pear, all primary colours, as it were, that then willingly yield pride of place to vigorous brush-strokes of wildflowers, hazelnut, and smooth almond, of citrus zest, plum, and fresh-picked apricot. This irresistible vital energy pours out on the palate as well. The effervescence drives a succulent minerality up towards the mid-palate, in tandem with a liqueurous alcohol that bolsters the palate, releasing an elegant cornucopia of toasty and caramelized impressions. The finish, proud and unfettered, dry and pleasantly bitterish, majestically carries along with it the imposing sensations that preceded it.

Pairings This sparkling wine is to be enjoyed through the meal, with lean and savoury fare, particularly with crudité; it is a fine foil to the noble fattiness of fine stews and braises. Or just sip it and delightedly plumb its sensory richness.

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