By nourishing a dream inspired by the French winemakers, Paolo's vision, desire and passion soon became concrete reality. Thus, in 2004, he fashioned terraced Pinot Noir vineyards on estate hill-slopes, on soils composed of eocene marl and sandstone, that give the grapes the tangy full flavours classic to the Friuli-Venezia Giulia territory.

To bring to life his own idea of the traditional method, Paolo limits the crop yield per hectare and uses only the free-run must, which is just the 42% of the first and “noblest” pressing fraction of the juice from the grapes. He pays the most painstaking attention to his Pinot Noir, by harvesting only in the cool morning hours and by allowing the fermentation only in stainless steel tank.… this is the path that in 2011 led to a limited production of the first vintage of Rosé.  

These are the first steps in the production of Millesimato Pas Dosé (Dosaggio Zero) --today called Rosé Nature--, with its distinctive onion-skin hue. The marriage of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, on the other hand, constitutes Paolo’s inspiration for his Blanc de Blancs, a tangy harmony of elegance and crispness. 

In 2016, Paolo launched his latest-born: Brut Nature Rodaro (Blanc de Blancs). 

After a 31-months bottle ageing on the fine lees, Brut Nature is the essence of a youthful aperitif, cracklingly crisp and refreshing. Its distinctive quality and its sheer drinkability owe much to the salinity that is the hallmark of the Rodaro wines, making this Brut Nature the utterly perfect companion in a convivial gathering of family and friends.

The wine boasts a rich appearance, thanks to a delicate yet dense mousse and to its long-lingering crown, which appears a shimmering straw yellow shot through with gold. The nose opens slowly to a lovely yeastiness and notes of toasted nuts, soon crystallizing into roasted peanuts, licorice root-like, impressions of strawflower and fresh-baked bread, which segue in turn into vanilla, coriander and shortcrust.       

An overall impression of earthy mineral comes to the fore as the complex, multifaceted bouquet continues to linger in the glass. In the mouth, one perceives the subtle effervescence as a lovely, fluent suppleness. Its mineral acidity makes a decisive contribution on the palate, while the combination of yeastiness and significant body ensures a well-knit complexity and impressive length. The aromatic component is rich and cleanly-delineated, offering impressions of dried fruit and wild berry, lifted by a subtle astringency. A traditional method Brut Nature superb in all its components; still youthful, it will enjoy a long life.      

The nose is redolent of wild strawberries and cream, while the palate embodies seductive pleasure. Rosé Nature Rodaro is the impressive fruit of investment in international grape varieties and of Paolo’s ceaseless striving to produce a no-dosage traditional method that fully reflects the elegance of hillslope-grown Pinot Noir.  

Displaying an elegant bead of tiny, pin-point bubbles, Rosé Nature is dry yet at the same time smooth, thanks to the natural glycerine. Its firm structure makes it a perfect companion for every course of a meal and its vibrant acidity places it among the top-quality Italian traditional method sparkling wines. One of the true jewels of Rodaro’s wine portfolio, Rosé Nature Pas Dosé Millesimato 2014, with its 44-months maturation sur lie, sets the winery firmly in the ranks of top international producers and intrigues the most demanding palates in Italy and across the globe. 

Like the Pas Dosés, Rodaro wines are explorations of the universe of elegance, interpretations that in many ways go beyond the traditions of their growing area.    


What emotions emerge from just the appearance of this wine! Its dense, luminous mousse explodes into the glass, then very gradually recedes, leaving the gift of an impressive crown to delight the taster, and the slender, long-lingering bead of pin-point bubbles etches in one’s visual memory the vibrancy of this Rosé, with its lively pink tonality. The visual enjoyment of the wine in the glass is intimately related to the dress of the bottle: the powder pink of the label leads inexorably to a coppery luminosity with beguiling hints of pinkish quartz and pink imperial topaz, all creating an atmosphere that is at once intimate and elegant. An initially delicate bouquet grows ever warmer and intense, opening to hints of creamy butter and fresh-baked pastries that gradually yield to floral impressions of rose petals and hibiscus.

A seductive fruit component comes successively to the fore, beginning with elegant impressions of roasted nuts, such as hazelnut and almond, then to a warm outpouring of pink apple, peach, and strawberry; time reveals multi-layered essences of citrus, fragrant spices such as coriander and spirituous impressions hinting of sherry and plum liqueur. In the mouth, the mousse, supple and succulent, is interwoven into, and counter-balances, every other component, while clean, sharp-edged flavours convey ultra-crisp impressions of fresh fruit and flinty mineral. A vein of pleasant bitterishness slows the progression, allowing the fruit to emerge slowly in all its glory and to linger well into the finish.

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