The first official document pertaining to the Rodaro family bears the date of 23 March 1846. That period had already seen the family involved in agriculture in what is today Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

Their descendants were small farmers, freed from the bonds of the sharecropper system, who worked their fields and vineyards, and timber dealers as well, suppling lumber to the Republic of Venice. Over time, the Rodaros achieved the status of leading family in the area of Cividale del Friuli. 

Edo Rodaro’s ceaseless commitment, day and day out, to his vineyard and winemaking, the business acumen of his brother Luigi, along with the far-sighted investments by Paolo, thrust the winery into its present position as one of Friuli’s most dynamic viticultural research operations. 

With his combination of intuition and perseverance, Paolo Rodaro embodiment of the sixth generation of winegrowers - has found his treasure in the vineyards of the Colli Orientali and as a winemaker has focused his efforts on his own personal interpretations to bring out the full potential in the wines of this growing area. Assisted by his wife Lara, with her radiant personality, he continues to direct the winey, investing and experimenting with new techniques both in the vineyard and in winemaking. Paolo’s daughter, Giulia, is in the midst of her university studies.

The winery’s deeply experienced staff is also an integral part of the family and support Paolo’s creative efforts. Cellar-worker Ljubo has worked here for over 26 years, while Francesco - involved in the administration for 16 years - now, with his daughter Claudia follows hospitality and brand promotion as well, and the young oenologist Sara works alongside Paolo in crafting the wines.  


Aunt Dina saunters about in the wine cellar as if the years were nothing and fondly remembers the time when Paolo, still a youngster, used to pick grapes alongside his father Luigi and uncle Edo, riding proudly along with them on the cart with the just-picked grapes.

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