The Orange Flower that adorns wines that are made through traditional fermentations immediately conveys a message of life and a reflection on the rapport between man and nature

The grapes for these wines are always picked by hand, then gently pressed and fermented in steel. The result are fresh, youthful wines with forward, tangy flavours that are the fruit of the ponca soils classic to the terroir of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, sols that for centuries have been producing prized wines.   

The label communicates this very message. Orange is a vibrant colour, bursting with the vital energy that represents the spirit of the Rodaro, always striving for the future, while the subtext of the flower’s simplicity suggests the importance of respect for the environment, absolutely indispensable for those who work the earth and reap its fruits. Man’s intervention, in fact, should be guided by a code of ethics aimed at protecting the land for present and future generations.    

But the Orange Flower constitutes as well a reflection linked to the value of time. 

In our era of the I-word and of immediate action, man is held fast by the frenetic rhythms of technology, overwhelmed by strategies and objectives that must be reached. Speed seems to mark the path that leads to happiness. But interiority, needed to grow and mature in serenity, requires respect for natural rhythms, precisely true of wine as well, which requires time to mature and evolve into what it is meant to be.       

The Rodaro flower, icon of purity and simplicity, is the same flower that pushes up through the asphalt, seeming so fragile and defenceless, yet conquers with its life-force. To be rather than just to appear. The flower was drawn by a child of five, the daughter of visitors to the winery… and the secret of what little Melissa said that day so that her sketch would become the label of the Rodaro “wines of our traditions” will always remain in Paolo’s heart, and only his.  


Ribolla Gialla emanates springtime blossoms, Pinot Grigio ripe peach, Friulano crisp almond, Malvasia earthy minerality, and Sauvignon pungent tomato leaf. These dry “current vintage” white wines, each with its unmistakably clean, fresh character, yet each with its own distinctive nuances, exhibit the bouquet classic to each individual grape variety, thanks to vinifications entirely in steel 

What is surprising about these hillslope-grown wines is their ability to evolve over time, and to demonstrate the high quality of the efforts to make them, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. It is a truly unique experience to taste these wines, which represent all the grape varieties grown in the same terroir, to see how different wines—all 100% monovarietals—can deliver such different sensory experiences 

Rodaro’s Flower label red wines, vinified both in steel and oak, and exhibiting great intensity and length, embody striking cellar ability. They can be enjoyed even years later, since their characteristics beautifully “weather time”; if they are well-stored, they will acquire complexity and intriguing nuances. Cabernet Franc, the only wine made totally in steel, is herbaceous, Merlot hints of France, while Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso conjures up wild forest berry. 

Rodaro’s Verduzzo Friulano, a sweet dessert wine, is made from the grape variety native to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, its grapes allowed to naturally semi-dry on the vine.  It is a remarkable dessert wine, multi-layered and long-lingering, with sensory characteristics heightened by its late harvest: notes of dried apricot and dates background radiant aromas of dried figs, almond paste, and chestnut honey. The aromatic cornucopia of this elixir is surprising for the refined elegance and ceaseless sensory dance of all its components. 

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