“Safeguarding the environment for generations to come”

RODARO respects the Environment and works with a view to sustainability:

  1. Using renewable energy (photovoltaic system): With due regard to the sustainability, our solar power systems provide us with renewable energy for our winery, and help us to limit the Co2 emissions
  2. Applying the integrated pest management; the European Certificate SQNPI, released by the independent certification company for analysis of the vineyards and the wines CEVIQ, certifies the sustainability of our vineyards and of our wines, obtained thanks to the low environmental impact integrated pest management for the respect for the environment
  3. Using for our vineyards the wooden stakes coming from our woods
  4. Using natural animal manures sourced only from nearby farmers
  5. Drawing water from a lake at the bottom of our hills for the irrigation of the vineyards, which is done manually only in particularly dry seasons
  6. Selecting certified suppliers: The partnership with our suppliers is essential for a common growth and to follow a common path along the way of the “respect for the present and future generations”. Our suppliers’ certifications are the added value to our job with a view to sustainability.

As guardians of the land, our love and respect for nature accompanies us everyday in our work.


The preservation of our vineyard biodiversity is critical. Therefore, only when absolutely necessary can the careful and controlled use of crop protection products, together with the limited use of mechanical tools, be integrated and optimised into our overall vineyard management plan. To support our efforts,  the winery has participated in a project based in the Colli Orientali del Friuli, which is focused on reducing the use of synthetic insecticides and fungicides in order to lessen their impact on the local environment. As a pilot project, it was inspired by the application of European Directive 2009/128/EC, which since 01.01.2014, has since officially come into practice all over Italy. Our aim is always to be at the forefront of such positive environmental initiatives and we seek to continually improve our performance in this area. The Rodaro Winery is determined to safeguard our local environment for the generations to come.